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New-Rustic, Moroccan Bathroom

This Timeless look was achieved by mixing a vintage aesthetic with state-of-the-art amenities.

New Rustic/ Moroccan


The bathroom of this Larchmont bungalow was completely reimagined and brought up-to-date with a timeless look. We consider ourselves grateful to have this stunner as one of our first big jobs!


The clients, Lee & Todd, brought most of the good ideas to the table.  We were able it execute their vision seamlessly while adding our "A" List touches like:


  1. Tile covered drain;

  2. Custom tile wraps around the window and door instead of traditional casing;

  3. Sunk-in shower pan, with no curb;

  4. Pocket door and

  5. Crystal clear, frameless glass; matte tile, crown molding.



Todd had a certain look in mind as he put together a fantastic vignette with the mirror, sconces and vanity combo from Restoration Hardware.







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